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Live   Updates   on   Hanson...

Live Updates!

Dates to remember! Nov. 1- Release date for the Official Hanson Book Nov.11- Release of the "I Will Come to You/Cried" single Nov.18 - Release of video, "Tulsa, Tokyo & the Middle of Nowhere" Nov.18- Release of new album, "Snowed In"

November 11 ---> "I Will Come To You/Cried" single released in stores.

November 4 ---> 1997 Europe Music Awards at Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam. Hanson is up for best breakthrough act and "MMMBop" for best song. Good Luck guys!


October 18th--> Hanson Appearance this Saturday singing the "National Anthem" for the first game of the World Series. Check your local listings.

October 18th---> Hanson Apperance on the "Weird Al Show" this Saturday on Cbs. They perform the song "Where's the Love?" Check your local listings for further info.

October 30th- Hanson Appearance in Chicago at the Rosemont Horizon Indoor Arena. The show is sponsored by B96 Radio Station. Other Acts to be announced.

Look for a Hanson appearance on Saturday Night Live December 13.

November 16th- Hanson Appearance in Miami Florida for the Gloria Estefan show. Location and other acts to be announced.

Check your stores for: The Hanson home video in mid-November and the official Hanson book in late October also the 1997 Hanson Christmas album in mid-November.

"I Will Come To You" Single will  include a never before heard Hanson single called "Cried".

ABC will be showing a "Special" on Hanson!! It will be late November. Thanks to everyone that signed the petition!

This Holiday season brings a treat for all of us!!! It's the release of a holiday album called "Snowed In". The album will include new original material, plus classic R&B and rock & roll holiday hits. Mark Hudson produced the Mercury release, which will hit the shelves pre-turkey time on November 18. The album will be the trio's second release. The collection will feature a number of original tracks, plus covers of such oldies as Charles Brown's R&B holiday classic "Merry Christmas Baby." Their debut album, Middle of Nowhere reached the #2 spot on The Billboard 200 and has sold over 3 million copies since it was released in the spring of '97!

November 25 --> Hanson devotees will get yet another Yuletide gift when the boys release a home video tour documentary called "Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere."

The Hanson brothers will be ushering in the mistletoe this Christmas season!

November 4th - Hanson is performing in Charlestown, North Carolina! (rumor)

September 22-"I WILL COME TO YOU" has now been released for Radio Air play!! Call your local radio stations and request!!

This page was last updated on November 5, 1997!!

**Where is Hanson now?? ---> The Netherlands...**

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