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About    the    Club's    Presidents!


Hi! I'm Jenn, one of the Hanson Fan Club's presidents! I am 14/F, and I am from Colorado. I totally am in love with HANSON!!!!! They are awesome! I like all the Hanson bros. a lot, but Tay turns me on the most! I like all the songs on their album, but my very, very favorite is "I Will Come To You"! I like a few other bands besides Hanson, but not many!! Some of them are: Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, Mariah Carey, and more! I hope you like our site! If you see any thing mis-spelled or anything else that seems wrong to you, please let us know so we change it, asap!
With Love, Later....
PS ~ To all those Hanson-haters, GO AWAY!!! You don't belong here. There are plenty of Hanson-Hater pages you could go to. People are entitled to their own opinions, and I respect that, but answer this, Have they ever done anything to you?? I didn't think so! Give 'em a chance, Hanson is great!! LEAVE!!


Hi! I'm Jennifer one of the club's Presidents! I'm a 14/F and I LOVE Hanson! I'm from Virginia. I don't really have a favorite Hanson bro.Well I kinda like Tay a little more but I think there all just great! I like every song on the CD. I like some other bands besides Hanson like No Doubt, Backstreet Boys, Third Eye Blind, HANSON and lots more. Well I hope you like our site, and If your one of those icky hansonhaters then just get out of here you really don't belong. I don't see why some people hate hanson so much. They should really get a life! What they don't got anything better to do then discriminate them? What did they ever do to you? Why don't you just leave hansonhaters! get out of here before I kick your.....Oh sorry I got alittle carried away. Well N-E way I hope you like The Hanson Fans Club Page!
Peace, Love, and Hansoness!