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Hanson   Needs   Your   Help!

~*~Guess What...... WE DID IT!!!!!!! Hanson will be appearing on "Saturday Night Live," in mid-December! Mark it on your calenders!! Thanks to everyone who helped out! Hanson Appreciates it!~*~

Vote for Hanson at Much Music Countdown! They're #5 now! Hanson's even ahead of Puff Daddy! Come on, go vote!

Vote for Hanson in the European MTV's Music Video Awards! The boys are nominated for two categories: Best Breakthrough Act & "MMMBop" for Best Song! Please go vote and show that you care!

We are trying to get Hanson on the cover of YM magazine! To place a request, write to Young & Modern Magazine This is a great opportunity to help out!

We want Hanson to be featured in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, or possibly on the cover!! Your support is greatly appreciated! Please contact Rolling Stone to request!

To request Hanson's videos on VH1, please go to VH1 Requests. It helps the guys promote "Middle of Nowhere"!!!! This also benefits us, we get to see them more often!!!!

U.S.A. Hanson fans, Hanson needs your help! If you would like to see more of Hanson on MTV, please call this number and request "MMMBop and Where's the Love" videos. Call: 1-800-DIAL-MTV a.k.a- 1-800-342-5688

ALL Hanson Fans:

On MTV, during a break on the movie awards, they had this comercial and they said at the end " And another thing Hanson blows!" . I dont know about you but I think that is very rude!!! Its ridiculous that they are always being picked on for being NICE, CLEAN, teens. If the artist is nice, they are picked on. Boycott MTV until they apologize. not some e-mail to everyone saying " we are sorry for the hanson thing or whatever they are called. thank you for writing!" or any form letters. Fwd this around and when it has ALOT of people fwd it to people AND to mtv. Its too out of hand. Hanson Haters online, people making fun of them on mtv, and mtv is out of hand! they use to be a channel. Now its rated R! i cant watch anything! eccept for hanson cause they are kids or a few others. Its dumb. So for hansons sake, we want an Apology On air, on anything but e-mail. If we get a form letter we are gonna boycott mtv unless hanson is on! Thank you Hanson for being patient and calm and not being rude or making them apologize.

~*~PLEASE COPY THIS, AND SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS, it is very important, for HANSON's sake~*~

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