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Stuff   You   Havta'   Know   About   HANSON!

1.) Isaac, Taylor and Zac are home schooled. That's how they get they're work done while they're on the road

2.) Their mom, Diana, is a school teacher -- she teaches the boys at home.

3.) If you met them up-close, they'll shake your hand, but they usually don't give hugs. (bummer!)

4.) Lucy, in the song of the same name, is the Peanuts cartoon character! (not an old girlfriend (yes!)) Zac sings the song from the Peanuts character Schroeder's point of view.

5.) Zac came up with the song "Man From Milwaukee" (a bonus on the CD) while sitting by the side of the road in Albuquerque waiting for his family to fix their van which had broken down.

6.) The boys were born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a huge house with two and a half surrounding acres.

7.) Ike, Tay, & Zac have a beloved tree-house in their spacious backyard.

8.) Hanson's dad, Walker, works for a oil company -- that means while the boys were growing up, they lived in exotic places such as Venezuela, and Trinidad.

9.) They bros. have never attended a "regular" school.

10.) Earlier in their career, they got kicked out of a hotel after trashing it while listening to "MMMBop" on the radio.

11.) Ike, Tay, & Zac carry a journal with them everytime they go on the road!

12.) They have no favorite songs on their album because they get attached to each one as they perform it and write it.

13.) "MMMBop" made history by reachingnumber one in the U.S. and England simultaneously---the first debut song by ANY group to do that!

14.) Hanson's name used to be "The Hanson Brothers" but people kept confusing it with "The Handsome Brothers," so the changed it to just Hanson.

15.) Isaac told Taylor to blow his nose---on national TV!!! "It was running" is why!

16.) Taylor told Isaac that no one cared how he used to wear his hair---on national TV, after Ike had described his past haircuts.

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