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Zac Attack!!!

Full Name: Zachary Walker Hanson
Nickname: Zac (no H, no K) & Animal --> the Muppet's Character (hey he's a hyper drummer too!)
Birthdate: October 22, 1985
Birth Sign: Libra --- peacemaker, seeks balance and justice
Age: 11
Grade: 6
Eye color: brown
Hair: blonde, he most often worn shoulder-length and free-flowing, but in braids -->a lot!
height: 5' 3"
Favorite action heroes: The "Power Rangers," who else?! Zac once took his action figures of the Power Rangers to the recording studio and played with them while Tay & Ike were discussing the next song!
Hidden Talent: he is a master skateboarder!
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite school subject: Math (he's a whiz kid!)
Favorite food: Pizza, Twinkees, Ding Dongs, etc...
Favorite music: Aerosmith
Fave video game: Laserquest
Fave sports: Rollerblading, & basketball
Part in the Band: Drums & vocals
Enjoys: Talking and jokes
Zac is the youngest member of the group.
Other Hidden Talent: He can talk while he belches!!!
Even though Zac seems to always be hyper, he has his days when he's saving up that energy or just plain tired, but not very often!!!
He says that he isn't very good at the drums, but all his fans disagree so he has to believe them!
Zac sings "Lucy" with Ike and Tay harmonizing in the background.

~*~More Info on Zac, coming SOON!~*~

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