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Taylor Facts

Full Name: Jordan Taylor Hanson
Perferred name: Taylor
Nickname: Tay
Birthdate: March 14, 1983
Birthplace: Tulsa, OK
Birth sign: Pisces --- sensitive, psychic, healer
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Eye color: Blue
Hair: blonde, Taylor wears it shoulder-length, parted down the middle. Sometimes he'll pull it back into a tail; if not he'll tuck it behind his ears.
Height: 5' 7"
Favorite color: Red
Best Friend: Ibrahim Abdul-Razak Favorite school subjects: Literature, Art & computer classes
Favorite food: anything his mom makes, he loves Pizza, McDonalds and mashed potatoes!
Fave Sports: Soccer, Basketball, & rollerblading
Part in the Band: Vocals, Keyboards, & Percussion
The reason why Tay has the keyboard is that he took to the instrument the best, he was the most natural.
Fave Music: Counting Crows, Spin Doctors, Natalie Merchant, Tay says, "I mean just everything, all the Top 40 stuff and everything else, even rap." Hidden Talent: He's an artist pen and ink or crayon drawings of people he likes!
Taylor tidbit: He says the word "weird" possibly more than anyone else on this planet!!!
If Tay had an extra twenty bucks, he'd buy tons of jellybeans! He loves 'em!
When Tay was younger, he supposedly poured glue in Ike's hair and he had to get his head shaved (Ike).
Taylor enjoys "Beavis and Butthead".
He likes to drink Dr. Pepper, but he loves bottled mineral water.
While Tay is practicing, he sometimes drinks chocolate milk.
He is considered to be the more reserved, quiet type, but his brothers said that late at night, that all changes.
His voice changed in the middle of the making of "Middle of Nowhere".... Tay says that if you listen carefully from the beginning to the end, his voice dropped about 4 notes!!
Fearless prediction: To close that too-cute gap between his front teeth, Tay might need braces someday --> Like Isaac!
**Other Talents: Cartooning and computer stuff.** **Other interesting stuff about Tay: (These may or may not be true, it's based on what we've heard)** He's righthanded! (Yes!! He's NOT ambidextris either)** **Although he's the shy one, he can go CRAZY too!** **Sometimes he get's embarassed by Zac** **Blushes easily** **Has a "rat's tail" that is 6 inches longer than the rest of his hair** **He has a scar in bis back (from rollerblading) and on his calf (from soccer) He has a scar on the left hand side of his face from running into a glass door.** **Also plays the bongos and tambourine** **He was caught on Ike's camera sleeping in the studio** **Likes No Doubt, Counting Crows, Natalie Merchant and Billy Joel** **Doesn't like shirts with puffy sleeves (the Romeo and Juliet look)** **Likes to paint in their garage (they have murals of their drawings)** **Uses Colgate toothpaste** **His voice changed while recording Middle of Nowhere** **Has either has an aqua and black toothbrush or an aquamarine one.** **Uses either Rose Herbal Essence shampoo or Flex** **Doesn't have a girlfriend, and never has,(so don't believe those stupid rumors) but isn't really looking at the moment.** **Has a bit of a crush on Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Anitston from Friends, and also Pamela Lee Anderson because she's fit.** **He loves to rollerblade (they all do) and play soccer** **He likes monkeys and dolphins** **He and Ike are best friends** **He broke his arm 3 years ago on his bike because he put his breaks on and flew over the handle bars! He keeps that cast in a drawer!** **Can talk with a cool english accent** **He was throwing rocks off a see-saw and one hit Zac in the head and it broke his nose!** **Has a mole on his chin, and one just above his lip.** **Likes Mug rootbeer and Sprite** **Takes a size 13 shoe (mens)** **Fave school subject is English** **Wears CK Be cologne** **He has a kitten called MaMa** **He loves Jellybeans** **Likes creamy peanut butter** **He used to collect candy when he was younger, but ants got to it so he had to throw it out.** **He's the peacemaker of the group.** **He has a habit of tapping on things "He's a mad percussionist" say Zac and Ike.** **When he was younger, he was really hyper and used to run around the house with a plastic sword** **He loves steak, cheeseburgers with lots of gunk on it, his mom's chocolate brownies, marinated chicken, buritos and jelly beans.** **When he was younger he never used to take his baseball cap off.** **He's physical 'cos he has the smallest voice** **Wears his watch on his right hand** **His favorite quote is "You have to like yourself before you can do anything" but his fave quotes change all the time** **Loves action movies** **Stomps right foot while playing** **He likes Tom Cruise** **He loves to curl up with a good book** **He hates screaming fans (they all do)** **He wants to be a cartoonist,and actor, an architect or an interior designer** **He's had marriage proposals** **He likes Go karting** **He's very sneaky** **He loves to cruise around with Ike in his car** **He has a dimple on his right cheek** **Hmmmmm....are we missing anything? Oh yes, and he wears boxer shorts and a tank top to bed Well that just about sums it all up doesn't it? We're doing this by memory so if we're missing anything about Tay or if we've got some info wrong

~*~More Taylor Info, coming SOON!~*~

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